Capabilities - Program & Project Management



Program & Project Management


Our Program / Project Managers oversee the contract from start to finish.  They outline expectations, which include the scope of the task(s), quality standards and performance expectations, time for completion and budgetary constraints.  The PMl always takes into consideration the environmental and operational parameters that are specific to your organization.


Your ASG PM adheres to all legal regulations and ensure that all phases of design and processes can be repeated.  They are your POC for all issues pertaining to the contract for any concerns while ensuring that easy communication remains open and clear.  They consistently review the scope of the work and issue regular progress reports so everyone knows what is going on and if there are any changes or concerns that need to be addressed.

  • Earned Value Management
  • Quality Management
  • Process Engineering
  • PMI Adherence
  • Process "Improvement"
  • Closing contracts at or below budget
  • Cost Effectiveness
  • Risk Management | Mitigation




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